Childhood Dementia Support

We offer practical strategies and advice to families caring for children diagnosed with dementia.

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Practical advice for families and health practitioners

Every three days an Australian child is born with childhood dementia – a rare genetic disease that describes over 100 different conditions. Symptoms are similar to dementia in adults, with progressive loss of memory, concentration, speech and movement, often leading to confusion, distress and changes in behaviour.

At DSA, we provide professional advice and practical strategies and recommendation to support families caring for a child diagnosed with dementia. By working together with families and other organisations, we help improve children’s quality of life.

Who is Childhood Dementia Support for?

We support children living with dementia and their families. We work closely with organisations such as the Batten Disease Support Research Association Australia and the Childhood Dementia Initiative.


Frequently Asked Questions

Disorders that cause childhood dementia are neurodegenerative (debilitating and progressive) and impair mental function. They are complex disorders, with high care needs and they cause a poor quality of life that affects the whole family. In nearly all cases the child will die before reaching adulthood.

Typical symptoms include retinal degeneration, epileptic seizures, visual loss, deafness, cognitive deterioration, and impaired motor functions.

Dementia Support Australia supports families with children diagnosed with dementia. Dementia Support Australia has trained consultants who understand childhood dementia and its related symptoms, the impact on the person with dementia, and carers and families. DSA provides professional and practical strategies and recommendations to support families caring for their child improve their quality of life.

You can contact us at our DSA helpline on 1800 699 799, Live Chat with us or refer online to access support.

We are funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and provide a free service.

No. We specialise in support around behaviours – and we’ll look to work collaboratively with your NDIS supports and other people involved in the care of your child.

How to get started

If you know or care for someone with dementia who is experiencing behavioural changes, simply call our 24-hour helpline on 1800 699 799, fill out the referral form or chat with us now. Our experienced consultants will be able to determine whether Childhood Dementia Support is suitable.