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When behaviour changes impact the care of people you love, it can be hard to know what to do. We’re here to help.

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Experiencing changes in

Understanding behaviour changes for the person you care for can be challenging. At DSA, we offer 24-hour help focused on reducing the impacts of behaviours.

Specialised dementia consultants determine which DSA service will be most suitable for the person you care for or help you navigate to the right service, based on individual circumstances. With on the ground assessment and phone support, your consultant will develop personalised strategies and advice and offer practical ways to implement them. We can provide on-going support as needed to help.

Am I eligible?

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To be eligible for DSA services, the person requiring support must:
  • Have a diagnosis of (or is suspected of having) dementia.
  • Experience behaviours as a result of their dementia that impact their care or be at risk of this in the community.
  • Agree to receive DSA services (or have the consent of their nominated person responsible for their care).
  • For engagement support our team can talk to you about how to access our services.

Why behaviours change

Dementia can impact a person’s ability to control what’s going on around them, and how they respond to situations. The only way they may be able to respond or communicate is through their behaviour. This is often the result of distress or a sign that their medical condition has changed.

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24/7 support, wherever you are

Where you live shouldn't limit your access to support. We offer 24/7, 365 days a year help (including public holidays) to carers in the city, and rural and remote locations anywhere in Australia.

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Who we help

It doesn’t matter where you or the person you support lives. This can be at home or in the community, in day centres or respite or in aged care. We’re here to support regardless when behaviour impacts on care. We also have no age limitation – so if you’re a carer for someone with younger onset dementia or childhood dementia you can still access our services. And if in doubt, reach out and we can connect you to the best support available for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes - we can provide you with general advice about what might help initially. Then we'll contact the aged care provider and seek their permission to be involved as well. We encourage a partnership between carers, aged care providers and the person living with dementia to get the most effective outcomes.

Yes we can. They must, however, consent to having us involved in their care. We can also provide you with some ideas on what might help, and additional resources and referrals to other services if you need them.

Our dementia consultants speak over 35 languages, and we use translators and interpreters where English is not the first language. We also work from a person-centred approach. This means, your cultural, social and spiritual background guides our work and interventions. So what we do is specifically tailored to each referral.

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