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  • 12 January 2022


Supporting a Life of Service


Resident Audrey had been a member of the Australian Navy and a Morse Code Operator. When she became agitated and unsettled, DSA took the time to understand her past  implement strategies to ease her agitation and connect her with her history. 

Audrey had been a member of the Australian Navy, and led a very busy and structured life. In the care home where Audrey now lives, she rises early in the morning and stands near the nurse station wearing her 'uniform' of a red jacket, red beret and her red shoulder bag.

DSA was contacted by care home staff when Audrey started becoming agitated and unsettled, particularly when she found it difficult to communicate with staff. They were concerned these changes in behaviour were becoming more frequent and that she was losing weight and having difficulty sleeping. Audrey frequently awoke throughout the night, often visiting the nurse’s station.

Through discussions with staff, the DSA consultant learned that Audrey enjoyed helping the staff with documentation and other similar tasks, and had previously been a Morse Code Operator. Understanding Audrey’s history, the consultant requested the purchase of a Morse Code machine, which could be a familiar and enjoyable activity for her and provide a sense of purpose.

The DSA Consultant also recommended new strategies to assist with Audrey’s sleep disturbance, including creating a sleep-inducing environment, a bedtime routine, and offering some gentle music and a back rub. The consultants also provided some strategies to address Audrey’s weight loss.

Audrey had a history of painful conditions including chronic shoulder pain. DSA recommended frequent pain assessments, some guidance in talking to Audrey about her pain, and purchased a crossbody handbag to reduce the pain in her shoulder.

Staff at the care home reported that Audrey is now more settled as a result of pain and sleep strategies, and has been enjoying the Morse Code machine and her new bag, organising it the way she likes and taking it with her everywhere.

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